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3D Modeling

Touch Your Ideas!

Using state-of-the-art software, we build and process diverse 3D objects. We model your desired item in dimensional space.

The 3D production of a Rapid Prototyping item presupposes the existence of closed solids, which must account for the minimal sizes and tolerances of the respective manufacturing technology.

In our 3D print shop, we will assist you competently. We will verify your printing data and convert them for you. Based on the converted data, solid objects are built that replicate exactly the surface texture and dimensions of your item.
In the absence of data, you can plan and realize the desired object together with our team according to your requirements. In addition to a manufacturing 3D print shop we are also pleased to provide professional service and support. With regard to your data we are your partner for:

  • 3D Consulting
  • 3D Digitalization
  • 3D Visualization
  • 3D Data Processing
  • 3D Data Transformation
  • 3D Data Conversion.

We will conduct a confidential feasibility analysis of your data, create a modification list if appropriate and adapt the data to the respective Rapid Prototyping method. We will also gladly plan the required object for you and generate the necessary data.
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