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Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA)

Stereolithography is another common Rapid Prototyping technology and a physical and spatial 3D printing method.

Stereolithography is the primary technology for Rapid Prototyping and widely used. It allows the fast and cost-efficient production of prototypes to probe their appearance and level of detail.

Manufacturing Technology

With SLA, the part is gradually sunk in a photopolymer liquid bath. A laser beam traces the raw material, one layer at a time, to harden and shape the surface. Gradually, the 3D object emerges.

Depending on the material, the surface texture of the 3D object is determined by the finishing process.


Poly1500 is comparable to engineering plastics and very similar to polypropylene (PP). It is suited for the production of rigid 3D prototypes such as:

  • automotive components;
  • electronic enclosures;
  • medical-technical products.


DMX-SLTM100 is a highly impact-resistant material. Its properties are similar to those of thermoplastic resins. DMX-SLTM100 is suited for accurate parts with high feature detail. We mainly use this material to manufacture

  • complex parts with a clip function;
  • rigid products with flexible components (e.g. packaging).


Xtreme is a resin with universal properties. It possesses high impact strength, flexibility and excellent surface quality. Thus, Xtreme is a suitable alternative to CNC-milled models.

We use Xtreme for

  • heavy-duty housing;
  • snap-on fixture parts.


This material is particularly suited for sturdy and water-resistant 3D prototypes. Its properties are similar to those of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). It possesses high stability and rigidity and is used to make

  • enclosures for electrotechnology;
  • automotive components.


Epoxy is a semitransparent resin of high stability and chemical durability. Epoxy is used to build 3D objects with medium feature detail. It is suited, for example, to produce 3D models in the fields of:

  • construction;
  • arts; and
  • aviation.



< 81 Shore D
0,5-0,8 mm
2100 mm
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