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3D Rapid Prototyping

We Turn Your Multi-Dimensional Sketch into a Real-Life 3D Object.

Our job is the speedy and high-quality production of 3D prototypes. With Rapid Prototyping, we manufacture inexpensive prototypes, models representing different developmental stages, high-quality end products, unique pieces, or small series, whether it be model parts, model houses, abstractions, sculptures or other 3D objects, based on your construction data.

Within a few hours, what was just a mere graphic on your screen will be a real-life object in your hands.

Traditional manufacturing processes do not permit what we are able to do with the different 3D production methods, using the principles of additive manufacturing. We work with the following four different technologies of 3D manufacturing.

Overview of 3D Manufacturing Technologies


3D Printing (3DP) - A 3D Powder Printing Technology

A 3D print creates a 3D object additively from two components. A binding agent adheres an overlaying layer to the one below. Several hundred or even thousand layers thus form your desired object.

Selective Laser Sintern (SLS) - A Laser Beam Prototyping Technology

“Sintern” describes a Rapid Prototyping method that allows the production of 3D objects with the help of a laser beam. The basic raw material comes in a fine powder. The laser melts the powder particles along the desired contours. That way, the layer of powder applied on top can aggregate with the molten powder particles.

Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA) - A Liquid Print Technology

In SLA, the part is gradually sunk in a photopolymer liquid bath. A laser beam traces the desired pattern in the raw material, one layer at a time.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) - A Further Additive Manufacturing Technology

In FDM, the resin is liquefied and pressed through fine nozzles, producing a thin thread that deposits the individual layers, one at a time.
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