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3D training, seminars, and workshops

We want to share our 3D expertise with you. We have many years of experience with additive manufacturing techniques and offer various training courses, seminars, and workshops.

Introduction to 3D printing as a technology of the future

Suitable for all participants who have heard of this pioneering technology already and want to find out more about it.

Duration: 4 hours

Group size: max. 15 participants

Lecturer: various lecturers


  • A brief history of 3D printing
  • Applications of 3D printing
  • Process descriptions
  • Various 3D printing processes
  • Examples: construction and printing of models
  • Short film: 3D printer at work
  • Outlook: 3D printing as a technology of the future

Introduction to 3D printing technology and applications in 3D printing

Suitable for advanced participants who already have some experience with 3D printing and would like to get into the matter in greater depth.

Duration: 8 hours

Group size: max. 15 participants

Lecturer: Petra Fastermann, University of Toronto (MA), author of an introductory guide to 3D printing


A brief history of 3D printing

  • What is 3D printing?
  • How has 3D printing developed?

Practically using 3D printing

  • How do I construct a “waterproof” 3D solid model in a CAD software?
  • How can I transform a 3D CAD model into a printable STL file?
  • How can I repair a damaged STL file?
  • How do I export an STL file for printing?

Software for 3D printing

  • Examples of commercial (professional) and free 3D CAD software
  • Examples of commercial (professional) and free software for checking and repairing 3D CAD models

Process descriptions

  • What are the different 3D printing processes it (a selection of printing processes: PolyJet, SLS, powder printing, 3DP, FDM)?
  • Which 3D printing process is most suitable for the production of a specific prototype?
  • Illustration of various 3D printing processes with the help of some short films

3D printers

  • What types of 3D printers are there on the market and what should you take into consideration when buying your own 3D printer?
  • Manufacturers of 3D printers
  • 3D printing services
  • Outlook: 3D printing as a technology of the future
  • Long-term trends in various industries

Special applications in 3D printing (e.g., 3D printing in design or automotive industry)

Duration of seminar: as requested

Group size: according to requirements

3D Basics

This seminar is focused on processes in prototyping and data formats. A comprehensive and personalized introduction to the 3D world.

3D Modeling and 3D Visualization

This seminar will make you familiar with the basics of 3D modeling and further on provide you with an intensive training that will enable you to create print-ready 3D data.

3D Software

The choices and variety of 3D software are enormous. An introduction of 3D software will help you find out which one is the most appropriate for your requirements. Special software solutions we train intensively.

3D Data Optimization and 3D Finishing

Just as there is a great variety of different imaginable models, there is a great variety of users of 3D data: the development and construction industry, designers, model makers, product developers, health professionals as well as private individuals.

Recommended reading

Book by Petra Fastermann, lecturer on 3D printing:

„3D-Druck/Rapid Prototyping: Eine Zukunftstechnologie – kompakt erklärt“,
Springer publishing company (ISBN 978-3-642-29224-8), August 2012.

This book on 3D printing (English translation of the title: “3D printing/rapid prototyping: A future technology – easily explained”) is currently only available in German.
The book provides knowledge for technically savvy and interested laymen. It is an introductory course to 3D printing.



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