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Services and Product Range

New and individual products and unique pieces come into existence seemingly overnight. This requires flexible and fast reactions during product development. We at the 3D print shop are happy to assist you in the process and support your 3D project.

We provide you with comprehensive advice during all phases and remain in constant dialogue with you in order to manage the project workflow efficiently. In its role as 3D printing service provider, Rapidobject sees itself as service advisor on all aspects pertaining to 3D. In doing so, we handle your 3D data with utmost confidentiality, perusing their quality thoroughly pre-production and optimizing them if necessary. Upon request we will also gladly undertake the entire process of data conversion for you.
We help you choose the appropriate 3D Rapid Prototyping procedure that best suits your individual, three-dimensional object. Depending on the desired properties of your finished object, we will select among different 3D production procedures.

Over the entire duration of your project we will implement your modification requests promptly and guarantee speedy updating of your 3D data and of your prototype. We will process and finish the prototype according to your requirements and in high quality and refine the object post-production.

Moreover, Rapidobject guarantees secure packaging and quick delivery of your 3D object.

Overview of our Services


3D Consulting

The creation of a high quality 3D object requires adhering to different criteria. We are here to provide you with the relevant advice.

3D Rapid Prototyping

With Rapid Prototyping, we manufacture inexpensive prototypes, models representing different developmental stages, high-quality final products, unique pieces, or small series.

3D Scanning

3D scanning offers an alternative to 3D modeling. A 3D scan analyzes an object to collect data points whose sum form a point cloud.

3D Print Surface Finishing

Finishing and refining a prototype will turn it into a veritable gem, whether through varnishing, adding details or fine-tuning. We will discuss the options together with you.

3D Data Processing and Conversion

Rapidobject optimizes your data and adapts them to the chosen Rapid Prototyping method and the subsequent treatment.

3D Training

Learn more about manufacturing technologies and improve your skills. We train you in 3D basics, various 3D software and many other useful 3D topics.

3D Modeling

Transform your ideas into reality! We build and process objects in the third dimension for manifold applications with state-of-the-art software.
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