Rapid Prototyping

We turn your multi-dimensional sketch into a 3D object. Within a few hours, what was just a mere graphic on your screen will be a real-life object in your hands. A 3D model offers you a close look at hidden dimensions of complex components.

Using different technologies, we manufacture models of prototypes as well as models representing different developmental stages, high-quality end products, unique pieces, or small series very rapidly and cost-efficiently. The principles of additive manufacturing of solid objects permit what is not feasible with classical manufacturing approaches.
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rapidobject - We are 3D. We materialize your visions.

Our 3D printing service turns your ideas into reality. Stand out! We deliver impressively high quality in the field of Rapid Prototyping, also against high-pressure deadlines.

For centuries, products were made by hand laboriously and at high cost. Industrial mass production revolutionized the economy only in the 20th century. With Rapid Prototyping, the era of single-unit manufacturing celebrates a comeback without the former time and cost investments. A variety of 3D production technologies permits speedy and efficient access to diverse markets.

We guarantee the rapid implementation of your idea with innovative technologies. As 3D printing experts, we offer answers to all questions and the full range of services related to three-dimensionality. Our 3D service covers the entire process chain from conceptualizing to finishing, including packaging and delivery.

Certification DIN ISO 9001:2008

Rapidobject GmbH has successfully passed an audit towards certification of our quality management. We are pleased to offer our clients and partners yet another reason for high-quality cooperation.
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