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Your 3D Object in the Design Industry

The design and marketing industries are already making extensive use of the possibilities offered by 3D printing. Our list of references is thus very long.

The sheer diversity of possible usages allows only a selection of examples. A large number of rough models, which, so far, had to be manufactured through time- and cost-intensive woodcarving, are now produced cost-efficiently within the space of a few hours. Thus, even seemingly lost deadlines may be observed.

3D prototypes are produced for containers, furniture, telephones, mascots, promotional gifts, electrical appliances etc. in order to test optical and haptic effects prior to production.

Customization to the point of making inexpensive single pieces is particularly attractive to the marketing industry. USB flash drives or key chains marked with individual names serve the marketing purpose much more effectively than anonymous pieces do.


References from the Design Industry


Industries / Businesses

  • Product design
  • Product development
  • Kitchen showrooms
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Exhibition stand construction
  • Packaging
  • Marketing
Brille - gedruckt im SLS Verfahren Tee-EI Designer Lampe Januar 2012 Hand.jpg Handturmmini.jpg
rendering_ro.jpg 3D Druck Automobil 3D Druck Flasche 3D Druck Joystick 3D Druck medizinisches Gerät
3D Druck Messgerät 3D Druck Rasensprenkler 3D Druck technisches Gehirn 3D Druck Teller 3D Druck Vase
3D Druck Videokamera 3D Druck Fussball klein 3D Druck Bücherwurm Rapidobject 3D Druck Handturm klein Rapidobject 3D Druck Schraube Rapidobject
3D Druck Veredelung 3D Druck Veredelung 3D Druck Modell Farbpixel



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